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Who are we and all about us


HAXNATION is a partial non-profitable organization that mainly focuses on providing training in the field of cyber security. The company is incubated from online sources and is backed up by its founder Ayubhai Shah and co-founder Shashi Shekhar
The organization was founded on 14 April 2018. We are known for our in depth training to all the young aspirants interested in pursuing their career in the security domain. Apart from that we provide security to everyone out there and help them stay away from the threats of the cyber world
In about a spam of an year, we have reached around a total of 900(and counting) members across the globe with a team of 5 members leading them :

We do help our members gather all the information they need to pursue their career in cyber security.Howsoever to help them in the advanced portions we do have specialized resourses to back them up . We offer the following programs

Programming : From one extreme to the other, we do have special never ending assets to help them advance their logical skills increasing their efficiency with every step as they advance
Developement : Web developer, Android or IOS, Whatever you would like to go for we will have you covered up
Networking : If you are looking to enhance the foundational networking knowledge you possess and are determined to take your career further, this is the ideal skill enhancement course for you.With the knowledge we offer we assure you that you can stand with anyone even with top certifications like COMptia network+ or CCNA
CEH : Those individuals who intend to explore cyber security field associated threats and countermeasures and are new to terminologies and concept of cyber security.Technical background students who aim for advanced learning in cyber security field as this will help them to understand the basic concepts and terms of cyber world. currently offered trainings are EC-COUNCIL CEH program AND OCSP

Being a partial non profitable organization we do not seek to earn money through demanding fees in exchange of knowledge. Howsoever, we surely do accept any donations one would merely offer and do provide some personally made courses for a small fee.

Our Team

Founder and Co-Founder


Ayubhai Shah
  Web developer, Web designer, Penentration tester, Programmer

A curious person who has a keen interest in finding breaches and coding and is always open to new ideas and learning new technologies.


Shashi Shekhar
   Photo and Video Designer, Gamer, Programmer

A person with a vast knowledge of programming and hacking who is a a gamer in his free time.




 Ayubhai Shah

Has designed and developed the website, manages the group and instagram page


 Shashi Shekhar

Has designed and created the logo, manages the group


 Gajera Chintan

Manages the group



Manages the group



Manages the group, writes on the blog



An ex writer of the blog


 Rahul Sinha

Helped in web development


 Dhruv Mehrotra

Sponsered the hosting and much more