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Saftey for mobile devices

  1. Use your phone's security lock code, if it has one
  2. Disable bluetooth, if not in use
  3. Always use a mobile hanging ribbon/thread/strip for safety
  4. Install a strong and paid Anti-virus Software
  5. Always use a mobile hanging ribbon/thread/strip for safety
  6. Record details of your electronic serial number (ESN) of your CDMA phone
  7. Consider separate Insurance and have a data backup
  8. Almost all Phones have a unique IMEI number. Type *#06# to find yours, record it, and keep it safe.
  9. Enable the PIN Code on the handset
  10. Only unlock the phone when you need to use it
  11. Never buy a phone unless you know the seller is the owner
  12. Don’t give your mobile phone to strangers on the pretext of emergency situation. They may slip away with your mobile handset
  13. Report a lost or stolen phone to the police immediately and insist for an acknowledgment.
  14. Inform your Service Provider if your phone is stolen or lost.
  15. Keep your phone out of sight in your pocket or handbag when not in use. Don’t attract attention to your phone when you are carrying or using it in the street.
  16. Don't leave your mobile unattended.
  17. Keep windows/doors of your car closed, when you are talking on mobile phone. Do not use mobile phone while driving
  18. While driving, never keep your cellphone on the dashboard